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Small Business Tax: Checklist Preparation For Tax Return

Preparing your own business tax return, especially for the first time, can be a frustrating experience if you don't have all the necessary information at your fingertips. Gathering certain documents before you begin will help you fend off the frustration. Here's a list of items you may find helpful when preparing your business tax return:

Business information

  • Last year's business tax return

  • Articles of incorporation

  • Partnership agreement

  • Accounting records

  • Bank statements

  • Credit card statements

  • Payroll reports

  • Detail of asset purchases

  • Depreciation schedules

  • Detail of asset dispositions

  • Vehicle information


  • Gross receipts from sales or services

  • Sales records (for accrual based taxpayers)

  • Returns and allowances

  • Business checking/savings account interest (1099-INT or statement)

  • Other income

Cost of Goods Sold (if applicable)
  • Inventory

  • Beginning to inventory the total dollar amount

  • Inventory purchases

  • Ending inventory total dollar amount

  • Items removed for personal purposes

  • Materials & Supplies

  • Advertising

  • Phones (landline, fax, or cell phones related to business)

  • Computer & internet expenses

  • Transportation and travel expenses

  • Commissions paid to subcontractors

  • Depreciation

  • Business insurance

  • Interest expense

  • Professional fees

  • Office supplies

  • Rent expense

  • Office-in-home

  • Wages paid to employees

  • Other expenses


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If you, as a business owner, see that you cannot handle tax issues on your own, consider hiring our tax services to help you with it.

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